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Visual artist harold aspers grew up in the south of The Netherlands and studied architecture at the TU Delft. After a successful career of over 15 years as an architect he made the choice to follow his true passion and since then he works full time as an artist.

 Within the familiar theme of the female portrait this artist is always on the move in search of the natural beauty that goes beyond the flimsy façade. Aspers constantly explores the boundaries of the medium and with mostly self developed techniques the larger than life portraits are built up layer by layer. His


works show a sharp image at a distance but when approached they provide a high degree of tactility and control of the matter.


He starts his works very methodical on the basis of a preconceived plan for the composition and the image but while working forms and details blur, blend and disappear completely while the painting finds his own way. By stacking translucent layers the portraits are emotionally charged which gives each work a unique character. It is not at all about understanding the works but about feeling them.


Aspers lived and worked in cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Maastricht and currently works from his studio's in the south of The Netherlands and Belgium. His paintings are part of international collections and displayed by various galleries and at art fairs.

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