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Helene De Smet (°9 march 1981 in Ronse, Belgium) is a Belgian Abstract Art Painter.

She’s been painting her entire life. As a kid and adolescent, she followed lessons at the Academy, and later on she became an autodidact, continuously looking for more inspiration, challenges and techniques. She’s been building an international career, with exhibitions in Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands and Monaco. She mostly creates Mixed Media Paintings, where she combines everything she learned and experienced through the years. She likes the freedom of having no rules and discovering new things everyday.


As a diplomated psychologist, she is inspired by peoples dreams, energy, sparkle & power. These are all expressed through bright colors or gold/silver paintings, with all kinds of sparkles and amazing highgloss and shine. Social issues and nature are also a great source of inspiration.

The works have high esthetic value, they fill the room but are not overwhelming, and keep intriguing from every angle.

They are very Minimalistic and serene, but at the same time so complex, full of details and unique (like most of us). They speak for themselves. It’s all about the details. Thousand kinds of gold, sparkles and shades of light.

Helene likes to use deep contrasts to express emotions:

Black – White
Mat – Shiny
Simplicity – Complexity
Modest – Explosive
Rationality – Emotion
External glitter – Inner power
She likes mixing unusual materials and techniques, and constantly renewing herself and her art pieces. She doesn’t use a lot of brushes, but gold foil, acryl, spraypaint, ashes, pallet knifes, pleated cardboard, garden tools, building tools, all kinds of plastic waste, foam, clay, plaster, and of course her hands and fingers 😉

She participated several international expositions, solo ànd together with other artists.

Her art expresses deep emotions, and at the same time it is very beautiful and exlusive. It gives a unique sparkle to every interior!

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