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An afternoon workshop in 2012 was enough to fire Fons UytdeHaag’s passion for making glass art. He had just retired from a senior position in a global vaccine company and suddenly had ‘a sea of time’ to explore new horizons.

The choice for glass art was made almost by default: “When I stumbled across an introductory course in glass making, I thought I’d give it a try. And I was hooked right away,” says Fons.

“Glass is a wonderful medium—fluid and solid, flexible and fixed,” he explains.


“In its molten state it’s a dancing, dangerous, almost sensual thing. It’s possible to direct this dance towards the fixed form, if you are skilled and experienced enough. For a self-taught person like me, there’s so much to learn. That’s part of the fascination.”

Fons draws inspiration from the things that interest and excite him: nature, science, travel, humanity. His art works are often mysterious and strangely moving works, evocative of constraint and possibility, of fluidity and stillness. They also display Fons’ apparently intuitive grasp of how to use contrasting colors, textures and materials to great aesthetic effect. 

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